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Keynotes and Collaborations to Uncover Agility, Diversity, and AI Innovation to Elevate Your Organization’s Potential.

Experience Eric Santamaria's transformational keynotes and ignite your audience to chart a course towards burnout prevention, inclusivity, and a culture of innovation.

This is not just another keynote speech. Eric prides himself on being more than just insightful. His highly engaging and empathetic approach are the perfect mix of instructive learning and workforce empowerment.

Available for in-person and virtual engagements.

Choose a topic from these keynotes, or contact us to design one for your audience.

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Navigating Workforce Burnout: Maximizing Business Impact

Explore the profound impact of workforce burnout on business outcomes. Gain insights into its causes, effects, and actionable strategies for prevention. Empower your organization to foster resilience and unlock its full potential.

Driving Agility Through Diversity & Inclusion

Discover how fostering diversity and inclusion enhances organizational agility. We'll explore strategies to leverage diverse perspectives, fostering innovation and adaptability. Equip your organization with the tools to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Unleashing Operational Agility: Navigating the AI Era

Discover how AI reshapes operational agility. Learn to harness AI's potential for adaptive strategies, efficient workflows, and rapid decision-making. Gain insights to navigate AI integration, ensuring your organization remains agile in today's dynamic landscape.

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Eric helps organizations battle Burnout and Maximize Results

Eric Santamaria (he/him) embodies a profound commitment to lean operational excellence, honed over a distinguished career spanning more than 15 years. His strategic prowess and innovative mindset have been instrumental in optimizing operations, fostering efficiency, and driving sustainable growth. With impactful roles at industry giants like Tesla and Meta, Eric has consistently delivered exceptional results, outmaneuvering competitors and setting new benchmarks for success.

Beyond his professional achievements, Eric is a fervent advocate for the empowerment and advancement of QBIPOC, LGBTQ+, and marginalized communities. He recognizes the importance of representation and inclusion in the corporate landscape, tirelessly championing diversity initiatives and driving meaningful change.

Eric’s dual commitment to operational excellence and social justice underscores his unwavering dedication to driving positive impact on both organizational and societal levels. He motivates organizations to welcome inclusivity, innovation, and equity into every aspect of life and business, thereby enhancing organizations’ missions and fostering a more enriching work environment.

Discover how keynote speaker and creator of the Minimum Viable Project, Eric Santamaria, can inspire and empower your audience to navigate the path to burnout prevention and maximum operational efficiency.

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