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Individuals: Feeling Burned Out?

Learn how Burnout can be identified and overcome in your life and workplace. This session will introduce the science of Burnout, practical techniques for supporting you or your colleagues, and opportunities to improve your well-being.

Help Your Employees Overcome Burnout

In this interactive session, participants will learn about validated assessments and research, the symptoms of the Dimensions of Burnout, and the impact on teams and high achievers. Attendees will consider how to implement an agile response to the root causes of Burnout.

Train Your Leaders to Prevent Burnout

Burnout is a pervasive syndrome that notably impacts professionals across many industries, with pronounced effects in Services, Healthcare, Education, and Tech. Further, we hypothesize that LGBTQ+ and marginalized employees are more likely to experience Burnout when compared to their peers.

Develop Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

For Individuals & Teams


Burnout is a Complex Syndrome Caused by Chronic Workplace Stress.

Your Burnout Matters.

Burnout is a complex, exhausting, and deeply personal experience that affects both your professional and personal life.

It’s important to recognize the signs of burnout, including exhaustion, cynicism, and even performance issues at work.

If you’re struggling with career Burnout, seeking the guidance of an experienced Coach can help you and your organization learn to balance and develop a path to sustainable recovery.

Book a no-commitment free consultation, and let’s get you on the path to recovery.


For Ops Teams & Organizations

Activate the Minimum Viable Project™ to Scale Operations & Services

The Minimum Viable Project empowers innovative companies with agility, strategic innovation, and scalable operations and services.

Specializing in Continuous Improvement Transformation, Ops Leadership Development, and AI Readiness, we align teams to save millions and outperform competitors.

Led by a “People First” leader and Senior Director, our approach emphasizes Respect for People, Operational Excellence, and Inclusive Leadership.


Ops Leadership & Performance Management


Elevate Your Ops Leaders with Respect for People

Invest in expert Coaching for your Ops Managers to lead with Respect for People and Performance Management. We partner with your Directors and Senior Managers to prioritize Safety, Well-being, Effectiveness, Customer Experience, and Efficiency.

Avoid a myopic focus on “cost-cutting,” which immediately erodes safety, erases productivity, and guts morale. Leaders who cultivate inclusive environments and employee well-being will deliver long-term, scalable results that will outperform your competitors, every time.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs.


Workshops & Trainings


Bring Continuous Improvement to life with Engaging Workshops & Trainings.

Explore our interactive training sessions, accessible both in-person and virtually. Schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Ops Excellence Lunch & Learn

Learn how a Continuous Improvement Mindset and foundational Operations Skills can empower your teams and Process Owners to eliminate the 8 Forms of Waste, improve Process Velocity, and deliver measurable Impact.

Train Your Process Owners to Eliminate Waste

Upskill your Operations Teams and Managers to eliminate Waste and elevate Well-Being by leveraging the core skills of Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, and Change Management. Teach them how to scale their safety, effectiveness, quality, and efficiency while delivering more Value for your customers.

Continuous Improvement Transformation & Rescue

Launch, lead, or up-level an industry-leading Continuous Improvement strategy. Integrate modular, foundational Ops Excellence skills to eliminate Waste, elevate Value, and align customer priorities and business goals with expert change management. Learn and immediately apply the foundational skills of prioritizing by Safety > Well-being > Customer Experience > Effectiveness > Quality > Efficiency > Throughput > Cost. Get real results in months, not years.

Implement Operational Agility

Integrate the most-needed skills of Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Agility, and Change Acceleration to advance your operations as a Strategic Advantage. Set a strategy to prepare your operations and services for the revolution of Assisted Artificial intelligence (AI).



Instrumental in my professional growth

Eric consistently went above and beyond to share his extensive knowledge and insights, leaving no stone unturned to ensure my success. His willingness to impart his wisdom and expertise was remarkable; he genuinely wanted me to thrive. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to learn from him.

Diba A.


Humor, Kindness and Rigor

Eric is an exceptional coach, an inclusivity champion and an operational expert `{`in`}` global-scale problem solving. Eric has a unique way of listening, and asking guiding questions to facilitate a team's approach to complex problem solving. Eric is the person you want on your team.

Natalie M.


His lean methods helped us cut waste, improve productivity, and generate results

Eric is an organized, compassionate, effective, and emotionally intelligent leader. I was able to learn quickly and become successful in a fast-paced environment because of him. Eric led our organization's efforts in continuous improvement. His focus on continuous improvement helped bridge the gap in work between multiple geographies and helped various stakeholders in our organization work together more effectively.

Frank S.



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