Stop Burnout
and Uplevel
your Operations
to Outperform.

Bring your Continuous Improvement Strategy into the 21st Century.

Scale your operations and services, empower your teams to deliver compelling customer value, and outperform your competitors.

Minimum Viable Projectconsolidates the best of coaching, problem-solving, and customer value into modular, interactive workspaces for distributed teams.

Agility & Velocity

Our Coaches focus your team to solve only what's needed right now, to avoid common pitfalls and to outperform your entrenched competitors.


The Minimum Viable Project will adapt to your team’s priorities and shifting business needs.
Plan | Do | Check | Adapt

Distributed Teams

We support teams that work closely together, but may not sit in the same city, using a live interactive workspace.

Respect for People

Integrity, authenticity, transparency, creativity, responsiveness, equity, courage, well-being, and empathy.


increase in productivity


satisfied clients served


Fix the Process to Fix the Burnout.

Empower and invest in your front-line team to improve their well-being and the operational health of your company.

Burnout is a complex syndrome caused by broken processes and chronic workplace stress. The Combined Burnout Assessment will identify the biggest causes of Burnout for your team.

Let’s build an agile Recovery Strategy to invest in your top talent, before their performance declines or they go out on disability.


The Minimum Viable Project.

The Minimum Viable Project™ takes into account your specific goals, your leadership strengths, and Customer Value.

This problem-solving framework empowers teams to improve enterprise KPIs for Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Customer Experience. It’s saved millions of dollars for the world’s leading companies.

When you hire us, you gain an expert Coach and partner to solve your biggest operational challenges.

Burnout Assessment & Recovery

Burnout is a complex, painful, and deeply personal experience that can affect your top talent, professionally and personally. It’s important to recognize the signs of Burnout, including exhaustion, cynicism, and performance issues at work.

If your folks are experiencing career Burnout, an experienced Coach can help you and your organization to uncover the root causes, then develop an agile, equitable Recovery Strategy.

Continuous Improvement & Operational Agility

Let’s up-level your Continuous Improvement strategy to align customer priorities and business goals, increase agility, integrate exceptional change management, and eliminate the Eight Forms of Waste. 

Minimum Viable Project combines the best of Lean, Lean Startup, Six Sigma, Change Acceleration, Project Management, and Agile.

Inclusive Performance Management

We develop your Managers to operationalize Respect for People, leadership, and the core skills of Performance Management.

Elevate employee well-being to foster environments where collaboration, authenticity, and meritocracy thrive.

Make your culture the role model for employee development, innovation, impact, and team empowerment.

Assisted AI Readiness

We’ll partner with your Innovators to prepare for Assisted Artificial Intelligence (AI) throughout your organization. Foremost, it’s important to upskill your teams in operational excellence, so your folks are ready to integrate the power of AI to automate low-value processes and deliver sustainable Value.


Let's work together.

At the core of our approach are Respect for People, Coaching, and Operational Excellence. We lead with a commitment to authentic belonging, customer Value, market-leading Impact, and exceptional change management.

Let’s make your operations a strategic advantage.

Coaching and Team Workshops

Burnout Assessment & Recovery

Uncover the root causes with the Combined Burnout Assessment, then develop an agile, equitable, and effective Recovery Strategy:
  • Individual Assessment & Recovery Coaching.
  • Interactive Lunch & Learn to raise awareness of the symptoms.
  • Group workshops to educate and engage a team.
Uplevel Continuous Improvement

Operational Excellence & Agility

Develop your front-line folks to eliminate Waste and deliver measurable customer Value:
  • CI Strategy review, refinement, and recovery to improve Impact.
  • Program Manager coaching and development to improve well-being, effectiveness, and efficiency.
  • Teaching and expert coaching for Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belts in Lean Six Sigma.
Effective Leaders & Managers

Inclusive Perfomance Management

Develop your Managers and Subejct Matter Experts (SMEs) to lead with accountability and inclusiveness:
  • Upskill Managers to integrate Respect for People into their Performance Management strategies.
  • Develop exceptional Leaders, whether they're People Managers or SMEs.
  • Identify the root causes of declining team performance, morale, or talent defection.
AI Strategy & Consulting

Assisted AI Readiness

Enable your organization to integrate Assisted Artificial Intelligence (AI) so they're ready to leverage the power of AI:
  • Streamline and standardize processes before investing in AI, to improve agility and reduce cost.
  • Prioritize operations and services that will leverage AI to automate work and deliver real Value.
  • Upskill your team to identify opportunities to apply AI and innovate strategically.

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